Professor Seferis has published with his students and associates over 400 papers in the open literature. Here selected papers are categorized in ten relevant areas. In each area, four papers are listed coming from refereed publications in easily accessible journals and periodicals.

1. Molecular Orientation/Characterization

  • Seferis, J. C. and R. J. Samuels, “Coupling of Optical and Mechanical Properties in Crystalline Polymers,” Polym. Eng. and Sci. 19 975 (1979).
  • Pour, K. J, J. C. Seferis, and G. Vassilatos, “A Composite Characterization of High Speed Spun Semicrystalline Fibers,” Polymer Composites 8 271 (1987).
  • Seferis, J. C., “Refractive Indices of Polymers,” Polymer Handbook, Third Edition, J. Brandrup and E. H. Immergut, Eds., VI, 451 (1989)
  • Tillman, M.S., T. Takatoya, B.S. Hayes, and J.C. Seferis, “Influence of Polymer Specimen Structure on The Reproducibility of Micro-thermomechanical Transitions”, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 62 (3): 599-608 (2000).

2. Chemical and Enviromental Effects

  • Keenan, J. D., J. C. Seferis, and J. T. Quinlivan, “The Effects of Moisture and Stoichiometry on the Dynamic Mechanical Properties of a High Performance Structural Epoxy,”J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 24 2375 (1979).
  • Stober, E. J. and J. C. Seferis, “Fluid Sorption Characterization of PEEK Matrices and Composites,” Polymer Eng. & Sci. 28 734 (1988).
  • Seferis, J. C., “Aging Analyses of Polymer Composites through Time-Temperature Equivalence,” Composites Technology and Research 21 (3): 173-179 (1999).
  • Shafizadeh, J. E., E. F. Chesmar, B. A. Frye, R. Geyer, and J. C. Seferis, “Evaluation of the Mechanisms of Water Migration Through Honeycomb Core,” J. of Material Science (2001)

3. Scaling Concepts

  • Seferis, J. C., “Scaling Concepts for Composite Material Developments,” Guest Composites Corner, SAMPE Journal, 24 6 1988.
  • Miller, A. G., D. T. Lovell, and J. C. Seferis, “The Evolution of an Aerospace Material: Influence of Design, Manufacturing, and In-Service Performance,” Composite Structures 27 193 (1993).
  • Shafizadeh, J. E. and J. C. Seferis, “Scaling of Honeycomb Compressive Yield Stresses”, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 317, pp. 681-688 (2000).
  • Seferis, J. C., M. S. Tillman, and B. S. Hayes, “Scaled Analysis of Composite Adhesive Interphase Properties,” J. of Macromolecular Science, 40 5 923 (2001).

4. Processing Science and Characterization

  • Dusi, M. R., C. A. May, and J. C. Seferis, “Predictive Models as Aids to Thermoset Resin Processing, in Chemorheology of Thermosetting Polymers, C. A. May, Ed., ACS Symp. Series 227 301 1983).
  • Nelson, K. M., J.-A. Manson, and J. C. Seferis, “Compression Thermal Analysis of the Consolidation Process for Thermoplastic Matrix Composites,” J. Thermoplast. Comp. Mat’ls, 3 216 (1990).
  • Renn, D. J., T. Tulleau, J. C. Seferis, R. N. Curran, and K. J. Ahn, “Composite Honeycomb Core Crush in Relation to Internal Pressure Measurement,” J. Advanced Materials, 27 1 31 (1995).
  • Wu, Y.J., and J. C. Seferis, “Evaluations of an Aramid Fiber in Nonwoven Processes for Honeycomb Applications,” Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 86 (5): 1149-1156 (2002).

5. Structure Identification and Property Relations

  • Munns, T. E. and J. C. Seferis, “Coupling of DSC and Dynamic Mechanical Experiments for Probing Processing-Structure-Property Relationships of Catalyst Modified High Performance Epoxy Matrices,” Analytical Calorimetry, Vol. 5, Plenum (1984).
  • Paplham, W. P., J. C. Seferis, F. J. Balta Calleja, and H. G. Zachmann, “Microhardness of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy and Thermoplastic Polyimide Composites,” Polymer Composites 16 5 424 (1995).
  • Tillman, M.S., J.C. Seferis, L. Thomas, G. Slough, and P.S. Theocaris, “uTA: A Methodology for Structural Visualization in Polymers and Composites,” Proc. Academy of Athens, GREECE (1994).
  • Tillman, M.S., B.S. Hayes, and J.C. Seferis, “Analysis of Polymeric Composite Interphase Regions with Thermal Atomic Force Microscopy”, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 80 (10): 1643-1649 (2001).

6. Kinetic Characterization through Property Development

  • Stark, E. B., J. C. Seferis, A. Apicella, and L. Nicolais, “Stoichiometric and Heating Rate Effects on DSC-Evaluated Kinetics for a High Performance Epoxy System,” Thermochimica Acta 77 19 (1984).
  • Nam, J.-D. and J. C. Seferis, “Application of the Kinetic Composite Methodology to Autocatalytic-Type Thermoset Prepreg Cures,” J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 50 1555 (1993).
  • Klug, J. H. and J. C. Seferis, “A Methodology for Efficient Utilization of Thermal Analysis Techniques in the Characterization of Polymeric Materials,” Thermochimica Acta, (1996).
  • Hayes, B. S. and J. C. Seferis, “Variable Temperature Cure Polyetherimide Epoxy-Based Prepreg Systems,” Polymer Eng. and Sci. 38 2 357 (1998).

7. Transport Process Analysis/Degradation

  • Nam, J.-D. and J. C. Seferis, “Volatile Evolution in Thermoset Composites: From Processing to Degradation,” Sci. and Engng. of Comp. Mat’ls, 2 3 211 (1993).
  • Nam, J.-D. and J. C. Seferis, “Anisotropic Thermo-Oxidative Stability of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Composites,” SAMPE Qtrly, 24 1 p. 10 (1992).
  • Salin, I. M. and J. C. Seferis, “Anisotropic Degradation of Polymeric Composites: From Neat Resin to Composite,” Polymer Composites, 17 430 (1996).
  • Chung, K., J.-D. Nam, and J. C. Seferis, “Investigation of Thermal Degradation Behavior of Polymeric Composites: Prediction of Thermal Cycling Effect from Isothermal Data,” Composites Part A, 31 945-957 (2000).

8. Layered Structure(Prepreg) Processing and Characterization

  • Ahn, K. J. and J. C. Seferis, “Prepreg Processing Science and Engineering,” Polymer Eng. and Sci., 33 1 8 1177 (1993).
  • Hoisington, M. A. and J. C. Seferis, “Model Multilayer Structured Composites,” SAMPE QTRLY, 24 2 10 (1993).
  • Lawrence, W. E., J. C. Seferis, and J. W. Gillespie, Jr., “Material Response of a Semicrystalline Thermoplastic Polymer and Composite in Relation to Process Cooling History,” Polymer Composites, 13 2 86 (1992).
  • Gilbert, E. N., B. S. Hayes, J. F. Timmerman, and J. C. Seferis, “Composites for Customized Density Applications: Metal Particle Interlayer Toughened Prepreg,” SAMPE Journal, 37 2 78 (2001).

9. Process Engineering Chemistry

  • Munns, T. E. and J. C. Seferis, “High Performance Epoxy Resins Cured in the Presence of BF3 Catalysts,” Journal of Applied Polymer Science 28, 2227 (1983).
  • Woo, E. M., D. A. Shimp, and J. C. Seferis, “Phase Structure and Toughening Mechanism of a Thermoplastic-Modified Aryl Dicyanate,” Polymer, 35 8 (1994).
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  • Hayes, B. S. and J. C. Seferis, “Modification of Thermosetting Resins and Composites Through Performed Polymer Particles: A Review,” Polymer Composites, 22 4 (2001).

10. Teaming, Teaching and Outreach

  • Seferis, J. C., “The Airplane as a Vehicle for Bringing People Together for Technological, Educational, and Social Developments,” Proc. Academy of Athens, Greece (1995).
  • Seferis, J. C., “Team Spirit: The Domus BBJ Competition was Organized Using a Unique Design Process Methodology to Encourage Innovation and New Ways of Thinking and Working,” Aircraft Interiors International, p. 48 January (2001).
  • Seferis, J.C., L.M. Seferis, L.B. Georgoulis and S. Mahamouda, “Co-opetive Team Education and Learning: A New Paradigm for Higher Education,” Proc. Academy of Athens, Greece (in press).
  • Seferis, J. C. and S. Mahamouda, “Global Forum on Management of Technology: Focus on the Arab Region, from Information and Communication Technology to Bio-Digital Technology-Capacity Building Challenge,” United Nations Industrial Development Organization, submitted (2001).