Museum of Technology, Mythology, and Industry

The Archimedes Center of Innovation and Creation has been authorized to establish a museum in Athens as part of a public/private partnership focusing on Technology, Mythology, and Industry. The museum’s first activity will be an exhibit on the myth of Daedalus and Icarus and the past, present, and future of flight.

Robert Edson Swain is the main architectural manager of the GloCalopolis concept. Bob Swain’s architecture + design practice is based on interactive client communications and successful team building. His projects range in scale from a new city master plan in China and an interior for a private Boeing Jet, to commercial buildings and private residences. Innovation is consistent yet always practical, and hisdesigns have always been environmentally respectful, long before Green Design was fashionable.

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On August 18th, 2008 GloCalopolis concept was introduced to the audience at our event at the Future of Flight. Bob Swain gave a presentation on the design concept and what GloCalopolis will represent.

This new competition is built upon the successes of the Domus/BBJ competition and the BEDR Network. Students with diverse backgrounds, will be solicited to participate in the design competition, with the chance to implement the GloCalopolis design concept in Greece and beyond. The successful candidates will be supported for an advanced degree program at a participating instituion for a period of up to two years.

The GloCalopolis concept aims to:

Engage: Changes in the landscape of geopolitics, advances in technology, and changes to our environment require a new form of engagement that can create a sustainable balance between delivering profits, pursuing a social agenda, and ensuring the health of our environment for future generations.
Focus: The GloCalopolis approach encourages exchange and cooperation between global and local communities. It supports individuals within their cultures and brings experts from around the globe to build better businesses and learning models.
Innovate: The GloCalopolis concept creates a physical place for small groups to interact in pursuit of an agenda of further developing innovative ideas. These groups share global-local knowledge and resources and engage cutting edge technologies.
Partnership: A catalyst for partnering profit with non-profit institutions.Create fourth sector projects that have a social mission with a financial promise!