Dr. James Seferis

Dr. James Seferis
James Dimitrios Constantine Seferis, PhD

Chairman of the Board

President and CEO



Dr. James Seferis, our founder, chairman and CEO, has left the University of Washington and established GloCal Network Corporation (GLOCAL) in the U. S. and Academy for GloCal Processes (AGLOCALP), a non-profit Association in Tokyo Japan, to augment his work in a teaming environment from a Profit, Government and Non (non-profit or non-government) platform.Dr. Seferis directs the work of 15 professsionals through six for-profit and four nonprofit organizations in six countries.He is the Founder and Manager of a unique Venture Capital Fund established in Greece.

BEDR Network

A snapshot of the companies we dealt with this year follows.For a complete list ( present and past ) please download file.

Friends and Alumni

Organizations today are often defined by the success of their endeavors. At Glocal, we include the people that have worked with us, trained with us, and have participated in our educational programs. Sign on to our list if you are among them and would like to join our gallery.